I don’t mean to dwell
But I can’t help myself
When I feel the vibe
And taste a memory
Of a time in life
When years seemed to stand still

Ashes and promises share a bond
Through the winds of change
Words are blown away
When visions that should be
Are tattooed in your mind
The power to let go
Is sometimes hard to find

When did it begin?
The change to come was undetectable
The open wounds expose the importance of
Our innocence
A high that can never be bought or sold
Symbolic acts – so vivid
Yet at the same time
Were invisible

The answer cannot be found
In the writing of others
Or the words of a trained mind
In a precious world of memories
We find ourselves confined

Promises a potential to hurt
Is anything real?
When forever is to be until
Deep inside, in the world of empty words…
No escaping from those haunting
empty words…

¿Recuerdas cuando
Las cosas parecían tan eternas?
Los héroes eran tan reales …
Su magia congelada en el tiempo
La única forma de aprender
Es ser conscientes y esperan en tensión

Do you ever feel it?
A craving that is so strong
To by thought rewind in order to find

Las expectativas que se encienden a través de la duda
Que pronto se convertirían en el precio
Por el que una palabra valdrá la pena
Cuando llegue el mañana

Permanente sobre nuestra propia alma
Y ver lo que es real …



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